Non-Natives Show Up in Durant with Confederate Flags Prior to President Obama’s Arrival at Choctaw Nation


DURANT, OKLAHOMA – A group of non-Natives displaying Confederate flags have shown up in Durant, Oklahoma along the route to where President Barack Obama will make an address as he visits the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma later this afternoon.

President Obama will speak at approximately 5:15 p.m. – Central Time.

The group is postitioned on the only way to the Durant High School where the president will meet with Choctaw Nation tribal officials and make a speech about economic opportunities in Indian Country.  The president is expected to speak about efforts in improve education opportunities for American Indian youth and improving broadband services in rural Native communities, such as Durant.

“That’s not the place to do that. There are laws and processes to handle that,” said Wayne Timberlake, a resident of Durant, speaking about the crowd displaying their Confederate flag pride. “I don’t support anything about discrimination or slavery. He is our leader and should be respected.”

Since the terror attack that left nine people dead in Charleston, South Carolina, there has been movement all across America have the Confederate flag banned.

Levi Rickert contributed to this story from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photo by Linda Sacks.

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