Nike N7 Previews its Spring 2015 Collection; Official Launch Date set for March 25th

Jacoby Ellsbury (Navajo)

Jacoby Ellsbury (Navajo)

BEAVERTON, OREGON  – The Nike N7 program released preview pictures of its “Dragonfly Collection” Wednesday featuring Native American baseball player Jacoby Ellsbury (Navajo) of the New York Yankee’s. The Nike N7 program initially begin with the idea of selling and targeting Native Americans with a special brand of shoes to promote a more healthier lifestyle. Beginning in 2009, Nike expanded N7 product line to include a N7 collection available for purchase by anyone inspired by Native athletes and the N7 Fund. The launch date set for the Spring 2015 collection is set for March 25th.

image (11)A dragonfly print based on legend reflects the baseball player’s passion for speed. Jacoby Ellsbury, the first major leaguer of Navajo descent, is proud of his heritage and his speed. The New York outfielder was just 8 years old when his mom told him about the dragonfly, a Native American legend that his grandfather had passed down to her. As Ellsbury recalls it: “If you catch a dragonfly without killing it and rub it on the bottom of your feet, it will make you faster”.

N7 is Nike’s long-time commitment and mission to inspire and enable 2 million Native American and Aboriginal youth in North America to participate in sport and physical activity. The N7 philosophy embraces the Native philosophy: “In every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

Nike celebrates Ellsbury’s heritage and passion for speed with the Spring 2015 N7 Collection, featuring a detailed pattern of the dragonfly wing on the running and training apparel and footwear. The graphic reflects the momentum and strength of a dragonfly’s speed, and brings new life to a legend that spans generations.


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