New Website Launched to Assist Pine Ridge Reservation Residents Still Suffering from Last Month’s Storm

Residents of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation have suffered from lack of safe drinking water.

Published April 10, 2019

PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION — A new website has been launched to provide support to those on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation who are still suffering the negative impacts from last month’s storm that produced massive flooding and lack of drinking water., was launched as a place to find needed information and provide support. Please share it with anyone who might be able to help!

Topline priorities to care for families, elders, and displaced citizens are bottled water and storage containers, nonperishable food, diapers, toilet paper, and hygiene products.

And the rebuilding effort will be massive. Putting people back in residence requires some big ticket items, including vehicles of all kinds (especially UTVs), and green building supplies.

Massive flooding cut Pine Ridge Indian Reservation residents off from everyday supplies.

Recovery items are needed: such as generators, fuel containers, water pumps, shovels, and other tools.

Please email  Chase Iron Eyes directly at the tribal office to inquire before sending specific items so he can verify the items are still top-priority:

Human resources are also essential. The Oglala Sioux Tribe is looking for grant writers, contractors, engineers, skilled laborers, bookkeepers, and administrative assistants who are experts in their field and able to cover the cost of a trip to Pine Ridge.

If you can join us here, please email us at before coming so we can discuss logistics.

Please send relief items to:
West Hwy 18
OST President’s Office
Pine Ridge, SD 57770

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