New “Protect the Sacred” Mural in Rapid City’s Art Alley Popular 

Painted this past weekend, "Protect the Sacred" Mural is a big hit on the internet.

Painted this past weekend, the “Protect the Sacred” Mural is a big hit on the internet.

Editor’s Note: Rapid City’s Art Alley is in the heart of the city’s downtown. This article first appeared in Used with permission. All rights apply.

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA—A new mural that was started on Sunday night, September 14, 2014, and completed by the next morning has gone nationally viral in a matter of hours. News of the “Protect the Sacred” mural from is being spread around the internet like wildfire.

The artists responsible for the mural kept a low profile, quietly arriving in town, completing the mural, and then disappearing.

Jaque Fraqua

Jaque Fraqua

Both nationally recognized muralists, Seattle, Washinton-based Cheyenne Randall, and Sante Fe, New Mexico-based Jaque Fraqua teamed up to bring this stunning and massive mural to life in just one night. It is believed that at least one of the two artists, Cheyenne Randall was in Rapid City last year, and created a smaller mural for the group “Honor the Treaties.” Part of that mural, a picture of Chief Oliver Red Cloud, seen in the left in the top right corner of the new mural was left intact.

Pictures of the mural has already been passed around on social

Cheyenne Randall

Cheyenne Randall

media thousands of times receiving great acclaim in just a matter of hours.

Interestingly, the image of the woman at the center of the piece was also used in a poster for a Unity concert that took place in Piedmont this past weekend presented by the Paha Sapa Unity Alliance, Uplift, and the Center for Sacred Studies.

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