Navajo Energy Transitional Company Buys Navajo Mine from BHP-Billiton

navajo-shelly-nation-address-2013WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA – Last Thursday, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly stated his support for Navajo Energy Transitional Company’s purchase agreement of Navajo Mine from BHP-Billiton. The two companies signed a purchase agreement earlier in the day on Thursday.

“I support NTEC and their agreement to purchase Navajo Mine from BHP-Billiton. We have to preserve existing jobs on the Navajo Nation and today NTEC is taking a step in the saving more than 800 jobs and revenue for the Navajo general fund.

With the Navajo Nation Energy Policy and Navajo Mine ownership, we are solidifying a Navajo energy future that includes coal, solar, wind, gas, oil, and other forms of energy. Our future is stronger with the Energy Policy, and that strength secures the future of Navajo Mine.

We have much work before us for Navajo Energy Transitional Company to become full owners of Navajo Mine. We have intelligent and competent Navajo people leading the charge for the Navajo Nation’s newest venture into energy.

For the Navajo Nation, we must remain vigilant to protect our vested interests in Navajo energy, and keep our eyes on the future because the work we do today is for our grandchildren. Our future children are our most precious resource.”

Navajo Mine has approximately 430 employees, 85 percent of whom are Native American, and has supplied fuel to the Four Corners Power Plant for 50 years. The mine supplied the Navajo Nation more than $40 million in revenue in 2011.

Navajo Energy Transitional Company is the newest enterprise of the Navajo Nation.


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