May 31 Proclaimed as Navajo Nation Day of Prayer

Published May 31, 2018

WINDOW ROCK —  Navajo Naion President Russell Begaye and Vice President Jonathan Nez proclaimed May 31st as the Navajo Nation Day of Prayer.

“Prayer is at the heart of Navajo culture,” President Begaye said. “Prayer gives us the strength to overcome adversity and to deal with the problems facing our nation. We should all take time out of every day to say a prayer.”

The proclamation encourages all citizens of the Navajo Nation, from all denominations and walks of life, to offer Sodizin (prayers) in fellowship for the health and well-being of all Diné to restore balance and harmony in the homes and lives of the people.

“Prayers have been handed down to us by our ancestors which was the foundation of their faith,” Vice President Nez said. “Those prayers are what got them through tough times and allowed them to secure a future for future generations within our four sacred mountains.”

Navajo Nation Day of Prayer coincides with the arrival of Naaltsoos Sáni’, the Navajo Treaty of 1868. 150 years ago Navajo leaders signed a treaty with the United States of America. The treaty prevented the Navajo people from being relocated to a reservation in Oklahoma and allowed them to return back to the homeland.

“The treaty was secured by the faith and prayer of our ancestors,” President Begaye said. “We must remember that 150 years ago, they were praying to return home. That gave them strength and it continues to give us strength today.

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