MAST is Calling for Help for Great Plains Tribes Impacted by Severe Winter Storm

A photo from Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Department of Transportation.

Published March 22, 2019

PINE RIDGE INDIAN RESERVATION — On Thursday, the Midwest Alliance Sovereign Tribes (MAST) President Frank Cloutier issued a call for help for the Great Plains Tribes that have been severely impacted by a winter blizzeard is calling for you help.

Below is the text of Cloutier’s letter:

As you are all aware, many of Great Plains Tribal Region communities and tribal members are facing unthinkable hardships at this time due to the blizzard that swept across the Midwest last week.

Towns and communities across the plains, especially in areas located by water ways, have been hit hard with extreme flooding and snow accumulation. These areas continue to deal with the aftermath of the storm, with the warm weather adding more water to the already flooded areas.

More than eight million people were under flood warnings Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service said, as the heartland deals with the aftermath of snow melt and a “bomb cyclone” that blasted the central Plains and Upper Midwest last week with heavy rain or snow. Flood records have been shattered in 17 places across the state, the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency said. Seventy-four cities, 65 counties and four tribal areas have issued emergency declarations in the State.  There are many native families displaced, without water and power and limited resources and huge infrastructure issues regarding bridges out and limited access.

Due to the much-needed assistance of our Great Plains Region relatives. We ask for your consideration regarding much needed and appreciated help to our brothers and sisters and are seeking monetary support from our MAST family to the Great Plains region.

Monetary donations can be sent be sent to the Great Plains Chairman’s Association to be equally dispersed to tribes in need within the region.

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