Man Who Displayed Upside Down American Flag with AIM on It Has Day in Court Today

This flag was seized as evidence in criminal complaint case

This flag was seized as evidence in criminal complaint case

DUNCANSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA — Joshuaa Brubaker will have his day in court as he goes before Magistrate Steven D. Jackson later today to respond to the criminal complaint issued last month by the Allegheny Township Police Department.

Brubaker, 37, was issued a criminal complaint displaying an upside down American flag with “AIM” spray painted in white letters on it. He had the flag hanging on the exterior of his home that is directly across the street from the police department in Duncansville, Pennsylvania.

Brubaker told the Native News Online he hung the flag up after he learned that Wounded Knee is for sale and that far too many American Indian children are taken from their family homes and place in foster care.

Displaying a country’s flag upside down is an international sign of distress.

According Brubaker, the flag was on his home for about three weeks. Then one day, he noticed it was missing. The following day, he went across the street to file a stolen property police report for his missing flag. After he was almost done, he was referred to Allegheny Township Assistant Police Chief Leo Berg, III.

Berg informed Brubaker he was going to charge him with a federal offense for desecrated an American flag.

It turns out the flag was not stolen by a trespasser, but was taken down and “seized” as evidence by officers of the Allegheny Township Police Department.

“I explained that I was offended along with others by the disrespectful, offensive and insulting desecration and public display of his flag,” reads, in part, the police criminal complaint issued to Brubaker.

“I don’t care at this point if I go to jail…I will pay no fine, nor apologize for my actions,” Brubaker commented to the Native News Online last evening.  “The message is what is important.”

While not a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), Brubaker has kept up with its history and supports its causes. Brubaker is not an enrolled member of an American Indian tribe. He was adopted when he was three-years-old, but knows his biological father was part Sioux.

Duncansville, Pennsylvania is located in the center of the state and had a population of 1,233 in 2010.


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