“Make America White Again” Billboard Down – Congressional Candidate Still Running Racist Campaign

From Facebook

From Facebook

Published June 25, 2016

POLK COUNTY, TENNESSEE – The racist sign, “Make America White Again,” came down Tuesday evening after public backlash, but the Rick Tyler, owner of the Whitewater Grill in Ocoee, Tennessee, is still running for Congress. His campaign has a racist overtone.

Rick Tyler - Running for Congress

Rick Tyler – Running for Congress

Tyler details his strategy to use billboards for his campaign on his campaign’s website.

Tyler, who is running as an Independent in Tennessee’s Third Congressional District, cites the influence of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump in his explanation on the website.

From Rick Tyler for Congress website:

“Clearly…we are in uncharted waters, in that there has never been a candidacy like this in modern political history. Of great significance, as well, is the reality of the Trump phenomenon and the manner in which he has loosened up the overall spectrum of political discourse.”

He further elaborates:

“The Make America White Again billboard advertisement will cut to the very core and marrow of what plagues us as a nation. As Anne Coulter so effectively elucidates in her book, “Adios America,” the overhaul of America’s immigration law in the 1960’s has placed us on an inevitable course of demise and destruction. Yes…the cunning globalist/Marxist social engineers have succeeded in destroying that great bulwark against statist tyranny…the white American super majority. Without its expedited restoration little hope remains for the nation as a whole.”

While Tyler is running as an Independent and equally racist Donald Trump is clearly a Republican, the old adage “birds of a feather flock together” applies in American politics.

Another billboard erected by Rick Tyler for Congress campaign.

Another billboard erected by Rick Tyler for Congress campaign.

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