Lumbee Tribe Monitoring Situation as Hurricane Florence Hits Land

Published September 14, 2018

PEMBROKE, N.C. — Now downgraded to a tropical storm from a hurricane, Tropical Florence is hovering over North Carolina, home of the Lumbee Tribe, headquartered in Pembroke, North Carolina. and Eastern Band of Cherokee, based in Ashville, North Carolina.

Since Tropical Storm Florence has slowed down to almost a crawl, it is expected to remain in the area through the weekend. While there are no reported fatalities where the tribes are located, there have been four deaths reported since Hurricane Florence hit land early Friday morning.

David Scott, public relations manager for the Lumbee Tribe made this statement to Native News Online on Friday afternoon:

The Lumbee Tribe has been monitoring the situation with Hurricane Florence closely. Our community is understandably nervous given the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in our territory.

Tribal leaders and staff have taken measures to protect tribal members living in tribal housing, particularly elders. Delivering emergency supplies including water, food and sandbags.
Tribal leaders have been in contact with federal and state leaders about community concerns as Florence approaches. Senator Burr and Representative Pittenger have been in contact with the Chairman and making necessary connections to federal agencies.
Tribal leaders have been working with Partner Agencies and Volunteers including the American Red Cross to prepare for a response following the storm. The Red Cross is using the Boys and Girls Club as it’s emergency headquarters in the area.
The tribe is coordinating with relief agencies to accept and make deliveries of necessary supplies following the end of the storm.

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