Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence Equals Longest Prayer


CONCHO, ARIZONA – Walking with the Native people on March 10 with the Longest Walk 5, one feels the power of intention so strongly that one feels any positive action is possible.

As the long walkers walked, they prayed for the Diné brother, who wanted to walk for ’the people’ so badly that he sacrificed his life. He first walked from Flagstaff in The Longest Walk 4. This year he left San Diego with us on the shores of the Pacific on February 14, 2016.He made it past Flagstaff so combining the two walks he walked completely across the country. This walker wanted to complete the walk because he believed in the cause of indigenous people across Indian Country.


As the long walkers finished the miles from White Mountain Apache to Concho Campground, they walked and prayed. The prayer feels connected with all the walkers and so magnified. The cars passing on both sides of the walkers take and carry the prayers in all directions.



This walking prayer is based on Buddhist Japanese monks, who walk and pray, for all beings, continuously. Dennis Banks learned and adopted these ways when he lived in Japan. Muro Saku from a small village in Japan came to walk with Longest Walk 5. He is also a Sacred Runner completing runs in 1988 and 1991.


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