Lenny Foster Speaks about Longest Walk 5 and Leonard Peltier

Two AIM Warriors - Lenny Foster and Dennis Banks

Two AIM Warriors – Lenny Foster and Dennis Banks

Published March 24, 2016

GALLUP, NEW MEXICO – When the Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence held its forum in Gallup, New Mexico, Lenny Foster came up from Window Rock, Arizona to provide his support of the walk. He participated in the community forum. A veteran of Alcatraz and Wounded Knee, Foster has been a fierce advocate for Indian Country for decades. He has served as the spiritual leader to Leonard Peltier, who is incarcerated in Florida.

During his visit there, Foster sat down with Native News Online to discuss the Longest Walk 5 and his efforts to get Leonard Peltier released from prision.

The following is what he said about the Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence:

I have inspiration to witness a historic moment of the Longest Walk 5 and its goals. I believe through our ceremony and our spiritual beliefs our prayers will be accomplished. I applaud our leaders, including the icon of the American Indian Movement, Dennis Banks, to lead and provide an insight inspiration to a vision that includes dignity, pride, and the wellness of our Indian peoples throughout our country and North America.

I know that the accomplishment of the American Indian Movement resulted in one event that indigenous people throughout the western hemisphere can enjoy and that is the Declaration of Human Rights for Indigenous People. This movement which  began in 1968 has resulted in opening awareness and consciousness of peoples from Alaska to the tip of South America -and I say, all the American Indians, Native peoples of Alaska, Canada, the United States, down to Central and South America including the Mapochis, Ketuchues, and Maoris.

I feel that the love and solidarity expressed through the ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, the ceremonies that have been held by our spiritual leaders. This walk is an example of that endeavor. The vision that has been carried forth by our warriors. Today’s warriors, the younger generation, the 7th generation now has arrived and there responsibilities the duties the committments are upon them as they provide for all living things upon Mother Earth, and Mother Earth is crying for healing and I see that this walk (the Longest Walk 5) is one example of this healing that will prevail and that today I witnessed that here in Gallup , New Mexico to have one of the icons of the  American Indian Movement, the indian world to be present among us and to talk to us and give us  a real inspiration and through these words  a healing for all of us.

About Leonard Peltier, Lenny Foster said:

In my visits to my brother {Leonard Peltier} at the  Coleman United States Penitentiary in Florida, Peltier remains incarcerated after 40 years. He  provides the true human being feelings of humanity and he expresses his love and solidarity to all of us out here.  We need to continue to  support him  through our ceremonies  through our prayers . I  pray that our ceremonies and prayers will be answered whereby President Barak Obama will sign the executive clemency and release Leonard to come home to North Dakota. It is my hope he can enjoy his children, his grandchildren and great grandchildren.  And I feel that is a vision that will be answered we pray this will happen this year between Christmas and New Years Day.

I feel confident that Leonard Peltier will be released.

Levi Rickert contributed to this article from Las Vegas.

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