“Legacy of Exiled NDNZ” Selected to be Part of NewFilmmakers LA Film Fest

Photo courtesy: Pamela J. Peters

Photo courtesy: Pamela J. Peters

Published January 16, 2016

LOS ANGELES— American Indian filmmaker, Pamela J. Peters, will be part of the NewFilmmakers LA Film Fest today at the AT&T Center as her film, “Legacy of Exiled NDNZ” is shown.

“Legacy of Exiled NDNZ” documents the lives of young American Indians currently living in Los Angeles, California, while functioning as a tribute to the first generation of relocated (exiled) Indians as mandated by the United States Congress through the Relocation Act and managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ (BIA) starting in the 1950s.

“Legacy of Exiled NDNZ’” first-time director, Pamela J. Peters, is an Indigenous multimedia documentarian and film consultant in Los Angeles, California. She was born and raised on the Navajo Reservation. She says she aims to have her own work push viewers to critically analyze the psychological and historical structures of Native Americans in film, television and mass media.

“I am so humbled and thankful that our work is getting the recognition it’s receiving.  The local Los Angeles Native community is familiar with my work and now the broarder community in Los Angeles is taking an interest in the work which is what I wanted to happen,” commented Peters to Native News Online.

“American Indians have a history to Los Angeles. This multi-media project is sharing our migration history with the understanding of what the federal Indian Relocation program was about during the 1950s.”

“Legacy of Exiled NDNZ” was narrated by John Trudell, who walked on last month. It features seven young adults.

“I want to convey, this body of work is not just mine, it’s the community – the large Native community of Los Angeles and I’m glad it’s coming to light to more Angelenos,” says Peters.

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