Las Vegas Events Next 14 Days: Short Review

Gordie Brown is just one of many shows now happening in Las Vegas

Published September 5, 2018

Las Vegas…Gleaming dazzling Vegas! This sin city has so many entertainments to offer its visitors that they are sure to wish their vacations never come to an end! But the thing is that one can’t spend every moment of his life on enjoyments and amusements, hence it’s important to spend every hour in Vegas wisely. Approach your tour to Las Vegas responsibly and plan it ahead. This way you will get the most out of your visit, after all, Las Vegas is not all about gambling!

Especially for you, we shall address to the most stunning, most mind-blowing and breath-taking Las Vegas events next 14 days! From comedy shows to magic performances, from tributes to adult evenings and many other Las Vegas events are waiting for their audiences. Here you are going to find the perfect event to make your Vegas traveling unforgettable!

Vegas events next 14 days: All About Music

Among the most impressive Vegas events next 14 days, there many devoted to music. These are concerts, musicals, and productions.

One of the most anticipated Las Vegas events this year is that to be held by a legendary R&B group Boyz II Men. They are starting their concerts right in fourteen days and are planning to amaze their audiences with their best hits of all times! Expect to hear the iconic “Motownphilly” sound and see the three amazing performers in gleaming Vegas-style costumes in the Terry Fator Theater in the Convention Area, Mirage.

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil is a kind of musical, kind of concert and, of course, a tribute to the King of Pop music Michael Jackson. Inspired by Jackson’s heritage, highly talented artists are going to present to your attention a tour to Jackson’s imagination in all their Las Vegas events. The best acrobatics by Cirque du Soleil, fantastic light and video effects, cutting-edge art surround-sound environment, and mind-blowing dance numbers all in style of Pop King will make your evening memorable, while the final touch via the most-expected holographic guest will simply knock you out!

Best Offers for Adults

Undoubtedly, the greatest part of Las Vegas visitors are adults seeking for hot and jaw-dropping experiences through Las Vegas events! And this city is definitely generous to adults with its numerous Las Vegas events next 14 days dedicated specially for the adult audience. Most probably you have heard about Crazy Girls, Black Magic Live, Puppetry of the Penis, X Burlesque, Zumanity Cirque du Soleil, Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, and others. The latter is a seventy-five-minute lasting production that promises an impressive tour of sexual awakening! This is a hot and amusing show you ought to visit, of course, if you are above 18. Expect lots of wise and at the same time humorous tips!

Speaking about humor, Vegas is rich with Las Vegas events via comedies as for all ages so particularly for adults. LA Comedy Club, Carl Labove’s Stripped, Jokesters, Sugar Brown are perfect venues if you are an adult who wants to have some grandiose fun time in Las Vegas!

Sugar Brown, performed at the Erotic Heritage Museum, is a comedy show that promises you a fantastic combination of sexual dances, poetry, comedy, and burlesque! You will love this empowering venue with Lanita Shera starring.

Indulge in Fantasy

Vegas would not be Vegas without some magic! And the variety of upcoming Las Vegas events next 14 days come to prove people love magic, fantasy and everything extraordinary especially when it all happens and stays in Vegas! The best-selling venues in this category are Criss Angel MINDFREAK LIVE, Paranormal Mind Reading Magic, The Mentalist, Masters of Illusion, Le Magique Fantastique, “O” by Cirque du Soleil. The latter is a captivating performance with a unique set that seems to be endless! This mystifying production will take you through a journey into the wonderland of enchantment and fantasy. It’s entirely performed in water, to be precise, in and above a pool with a capacity of 1.5 million gallons!

Le Rêve, which is translated as “The Dream” from French, will make you leave the reality and transport into a surreal and dark world of your subconscious. This venue, like the previously-described one, is performed on the water. All the acts of the show are around the 1.1 million-gallon tank of water, which serves as the stage. On the stage of all Las Vegas events of this particular show, you will meet synchronized swimmers, aerialists, and dancers who all are there to make your pastime unforgettable!

VIP Experiences for VIP Personas

Special guests in the sin city need to visit special Las Vegas events. However, despite the whole luxury of these chic venues, Las Vegas events next 14 days cheap tickets can be found right here! Le Rêve is one of them. Other VIP venues are Zumanity Cirque du Soleil, Diana Ross: Music and Love, Absinthe, etc.

Absinthe is a show that combines the world-class specialty acts, old-world burlesque, and some hilarious comedy! Not to go deep into details, the performance is considered as one of the best shows in Las Vegas! All that you need is that The Gazillionaire, a provocative character, and Penny, his sexy quirky assistant, are going to provide you with some grandiose experiences especially for a VIP person!

The are the most mind-blowing Las Vegas events to expect during the upcoming fortnight.

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