Landlord Definitely Not “Indian-friendly” in Prince Albert

No Indians
From Canada

Published August 24, 2015

PRINCE ALBERT, SASKATCHEWAN – Much to the ire of Native populations in Canada and the United States,  a racist post made its way onto the KiJiJi website advertising a $1,200 three-bedroom house over the weekend. The post made its way around social media sites.

The racist landlord clearly is not “Indian-friendly” in Prince Albert. The post speaks for itself.

Even though, the sign clearly says “No Indians or Dogs Allowed,” the advertisement reads “Yes” on Pets Allowed section. Apparently, the landlord accepts birds, cats and reptiles. But, not dogs!

Anthony Roy (Ojibwe) from Chicago, who operates the This Should Be The Blackhawks Logo! website posted on his Facebook feed about the ad:

“Oh but that was so long ago… Y’all should really consider getting OVER IT!”

Sadly, Roy is correct…racism is still with us.


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