Lakota Man Shot by Denver Police Asked Police: “What’s Wrong with You Guys?”

Protester wears T-shirt with Paul Castaway's last words

Protester wears T-shirt with Paul Castaway’s last words

DENVER— The family of Paul Castaway, a 35-year-0ld Lakota man shot and killed by the Denver Police on Sunday evening, are disputing the police department’s version of the events that led to the deadly shooting.

On Tuesday evening, members of Castaway’s family and Denver American Indians protested outside of Denver Police Headquarters.

Protest outside of Denver Police Headquarters

Protest outside of Denver Police Headquarters

According to witnesses, a surveillance video recorded at the property where the deadly incident took place differs with the official police account what transpired that led to Castaway’s death.

Denver Police say Castaway was armed with a knife when he got “dangerously close to officers.” From eyewitnesses’ account of the incident the distance between officers and Castaway was about 20 feet.

The police department says their officers responded to call that a man had stabbed his mother.

On Tuesday night, Lynn Eagle Feather, mother of Paul Castaway, maintained she was not stabbed.

“It deeply saddens me, because he didn’t need to die. I just want justice for my son,” Eagle Feather told a local Denver television station on Tuesday.

The Denver Officer of the Medical Examiner said Castaway died of several gunshot wound to the torso.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” Castaway asked police officers after he was shot and lying on the ground.

Castaway’s family and members of the Denver American Indian protested outside the Denver Police Headquarters and want answers as to why such deadly force was used.

Eagle Feather said her son suffered from a mental illness and had been drinking alcohol. She called police to assist her in settling him down. She now regrets calling the police.

Police officials said the surveillance video will be used as part of the internal investigation into Castaway’s death.

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