Keeping It Honest: Standing Rock is Not Woodstock

Woodstock cicra 1969

Woodstock in 1969

Published September 17, 2016

STANDING ROCK INDIAN RESERVATION – A photo posted by Tyler Eldridge  on Facebook on Thursday is going viral. It suggests the photo is of the crowd at the Sacred Stone encampment at Standing Rock. The photo suggests the media is not properly covering the #NoDAPL demonstration at Standing  Rock.

The photo is a hoax.

It is a photo is 47-years-old of Woodstock, the music festival that attracted 400,000 to a farm near Woodstock, New York. The music festival was supposed to last two day. It lasted four days and became of pop culture history.

From Facebook

From Facebook

The hoax should by no means diminish what is underway at Standing Rock.

Standing Rock does not need to compete with Woodstock. Standing  Rock, which has drawn thousands of American Indians and supporters from all parts of Indian Country, demonstrates the solidarity and strength of American Indian people today. Standing Rock represents American Indians are willing to stand up to big oil companies to protect our rights to protect our ancestral lands from the “big black snake.”

Photo by Christopher Francisco

Sacred Stone Camp near Standing Rock = Photo by Christopher Francisco

Part of the hoax is true. With the exception of Lawrence O’Donnell and MSNBC and Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!, the media has done a less than stellar job of covering the #NoDAPL movement underway at Standing Rock.




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