Judge Stipulates Red Warrior Camp Leader Cody Hall Cannot be at Cannon Ball Ranch

Red Warrior Cody Hall

Red Warrior Cody Hall

Published September 12, 2016

BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA — Cody Hall (Cheyenne River Sioux), one of the Red Warrior Camp’s leaders, was arrested on Friday after the vehicle he was riding in had outdated license tabs. North Dakota law enforcement arrested him on trespassing charges for being present on September 3 and September 6 on Dakota Access pipeline construction sites.

Apparently, law enforcement identified him in videos taken as land protectors rallied against the Dakota Access pipeline on ancestral lands.

Hall was arrested on Friday as he made his way up from the Red Warrior encampment near Cannon Ball, North Dakota to be part of a rally against the Dakota Access pipeline (#NoDAPL) on the grounds of the North Dakota state capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Hall spent the weekend in jail.

Cody Hall after his release on Monday in Bismarck, North Dakota. Photo from Facebook

Cody Hall after his release on Monday in Bismarck, North Dakota. Photo from Facebook

“The biggest part of this is they tried to silence me.  It won’t work. I will  continue to fight for what I think is  right,” Hall told Native News Online on Tuesday afternoon from Bismarck.  “They are out to silence our efforts, but what they did was enhance the movement. People are getting arrested elsewhere along the oil pipeline route in Iowa and Illinois.”

Hall said he was told a judge had signed a warrant for trespassing on Thursday night and he was arrested on Friday. He and Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now!, who has a warrant for her arrest, were identified at the site of two public demonstrations against the Dakota Access pipeline.

“They wanted to make examples out of Amy Goodman and me,” says Hall

He was released from jail on Monday on a $150 bond. As part of Hall’s bail, the judge stipulated that Hall cannot be at the Cannon Ball Ranch, the site of the demonstration. He can, however, be at the Red Warrior encampment. It was earlier published he could not be.

Hall is due back in court in December 2016.

CORRECTION made at 4:00 – EDT.




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