Interior Law Enforcement Seizes 17 lbs. of Heroin & Meth on San Felipe Pueblo Indian Reservation

US Department of the Interior photo

Published September 12, 2018

SAN FELIPE PUEBLO — A Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Office of Justice Services (OJS) K-9 Police Officer who recently took more than 17 pounds of deadly drugs off the streets. The BIA officer was monitoring vehicle traffic on Interstate 25 on the San Felipe Pueblo Indian Reservation when he conducted a traffic stop resulting in the arrest of an individual, and the seizure of approximately 15.9 pounds of methamphetamine and 1.25 pounds of heroin.

A field test of the substances was conducted and returned positive results for the presence of methamphetamine from one of the fifteen packages and heroin from the one of packages. One package did test positive for heroin and had an approximate weight of 1.25 pounds (567.67 grams). On Thursday, August 30, 2018, a Criminal Complaint was filed in the District of New Mexico and the suspect was held for further court proceedings.

The Department of the Interior is committed to making available resources required to fight drug abuse. The Department of the Interior’s drug fighting Joint Task Force  has made 155 arrests and confiscated approximately 1,155 pounds of illegal drugs on or near Indian reservations in the southwest.


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