Indivisible Berkeley had a Powerful Action Rally, Saturday

Berkeley crowd. Photo by Lisa Harbus

Berkeley crowd. Photo by Lisa Harbus

Published July 2, 2018

BERKELEY, Calif. — Indivisible Berkeley put on a powerful action on Saturday.

Following the map, the attendees proceeded to “A Families Belong Together” rally. The emcee, Daron Sharps, started the gathering off in a good way, giving acknowledgement to the people who were the original inhabitants, the Ohlone People.

Ms. Sharps spoke about the victory in preventing the West Berkeley Shellmound from being defaced anymore. Years ago the West Berkeley Shellmound was designated a historic landmark so for that reason (beside natural human decency)  the shellmound is protected.

A protester held a sign that read: “You can’t be illegal on stolen land,” which brings our minds to a time before boarders. We need to remind  the people who are making the laws,  that all life is sacred and by separating families lives are ruined.

Lisa Harbus told Native News Online:

“The rally was very representative of the Berkeley community, multicultural, multigenerational, passionate, creative and vocal. The speakers on the stage spoke Spanish and English, sang, chanted and gave voice to the assembled protestors anger and outrage, as well as giving us information about activism opportunities.”


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