HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY – Watch Video with “I Love You” in Native Languages


Published February 14, 2020

Note: This article was first published on February 14, 2016

CHICAGO – The American Indian comedic group, 1491s released this video to have Native people from  from Indian country record themselves saying “I love you” in their Native langauge.

The result is the “Indigenous Love Words Project” video.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! We are all LOVED!

With Valentine’s Day upon us again, Native News Online felt it appropriate to feature the video again.

This is a beautiful project. Watch and enjoy. Some of the Native language is almost musical.

Megwetch (thank you) 1491s for capturing various Indigenous languages on the video. This type of video is a vivid reminder of what was lost and, fortunately, was not completely destroyed!

Native languages are quite beautiful and powerful.

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