Indigenous Community Provided Assitance to Create Fire Mural to Honor Loss of Last Fall’s FIre Loss

time lapse video shot by James Allen

Published May 12, 2018

NAPA, CALIFORNIA –  On Saturday, April 28th, the people of the North Bay, near Napa, California, paid tribute to those impacted by the fires that swept through the North Bay and Napa Valley and left behind mass destruction last fall. To pay tribute, there was a healing walk that started with prayer in Yountville and ended with creating the mural in the city of Napa.

Prayer in Yountville.

Prayer in Yountville.

The Healing Walk was a peaceful pilgrimage through Napa Valley, rooted in the indigenous philosophy of invoking sacred space to heal the land and its people where damage has been done. The walk was an intercultural, interfaith, and inter-generational, with the goal of cultivating appreciation and respect for Napa Valley’s watersheds and wildlife, and supporting policy changes that ensure their protection. Speakers talked about the climate changes and the importance of being conscious and ‘walking gently on mother earth’.

Isabella and Daniel

Isabella and Daniel

Climate Fire Mural
This event to create a mural called upon the memories of the Napa and Northbay Fire. People were invited to bring those memories and experiences and to let the walk carry them into deep reflection, letting it support the acknowledgement and healing process. Partnering with local and regional artists from Arts Organizing Project and ChalkRiot!, the partnership commemorated the six month “anniversary” of the North Bay Fires. It was a participatory community  mural that was painted entirely out of natural earth-based materials birthed from the fires, such as coals, ashes, and soils. People were invited to paint alongside mural facilitators and to lift up solutions to protect our communities and future generations from wildfires, extreme weather disasters, and the climate change that fuels them.

Dave Solnit

Dave Solnit (artist and mural organizer)


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