HuffPost: When Native Americans Are Told To ‘Go Back’ To Where They Came From

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Rattler, legal name Michael Markus, is a 46-year-old Marine veteran who is the descendant of Chief Red Cloud, the Lakota leader who signed the 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty.

Published December 25, 2019

The absurdity of a white supremacist slur laid bare.

Stunned, Metoxen remembers saying something like, “What is your problem?” to which the girl, after a string of profanities, replied, “You heard me, go back to Mexico!”

“The angriness of their voices was shocking to me,” Metoxen, a Native American who is not from Mexico, recounted to HuffPost. “They really needed to make somebody feel bad. What was the fun in that?”

After a few seconds, the light turned green and the white girls, all laughing, turned left. Metoxen drove straight, and as so often happens after incidents like these, she suddenly realized what she should have said.

You go back to where you came from! I belong here!”

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