House Fire in Shiprock Claims Life on Navajo Nation

An unidentified man died in fire in Shiprock, New Mexico.

An unidentified man died in fire in Shiprock, New Mexico.

Published December 13, 2016

SHIPROCK, NEW MEXICO – On Dececmber 13, a house fire in Shiprock, New Mexico, claimed the life of an unidentified male. The Navajo Nation Police (NNPD) and Fire Department (NNFD) responded to the fire.The fire was reported to have taken place north of Bluff Road and east of 4th Lane.The Shiprock Police Department was on-scene within eight minutes after the fire was reported and the Shiprock Fire Department was there within 12 minutes. Support was also given by the Ojo Amarillo and Newcomb Fire Departments. The NNFD had enough support and manpower that they didn’t need to alert the San Juan County Fire Department.

After the fire was extinguished, a burnt, deceased human body was discovered within the residence.

“While we deeply regret hearing that a life was lost in the fire, we applaud the Shiprock Police Department and the fire departments of Shiprock, Ojo Amarillo and Newcomb for coming to the assistance of the family who lost their home and loved one,” President Russell Begaye said.


Navajo Nation President Begaye said that previously, the fire departments in this area were comprised of volunteers.  Currently, these positions are being staffed by fire fighters in paid positions which enables the department to respond quicker.

The president said he appreciates the ability of the Shiprock Fire Department to respond in a quick and timely manner and also for providing protection for the Navajo people.

The case is being referred to the Shiprock Navajo Criminal Investigations in conjunction with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Office of Medical Investigations.

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