Ho-Chunk Bronson Koenig Provides Great Native Pride in Indian Country

No. 24, Bronson Koenig, representing Indian Country well

No. 24, Bronson Koenig, representing Indian Country well


While the Wisconsin Badgers came up short in their loss to Duke on Monday night in the national championship game of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, Bronson Koenig, a tribal citizen of the Ho-Chunk Nation, has become a source for tremendous Native Pride throughout Indian Country.

Playing on the national stage in the championship game is a long journey from shooting hoops at the Y as a kid, as a young Bronson did.

Playing guard at Wisonsin, the 6’4” sophomore, had plenty of exposure on national television with his impressive ball handling abilities and his ability to score in clutch situations during March Madness. In his two years at Wisconsin, Koenig has been in two Final Four games and now a national championship game.

Koenig, as Shoni and Jude Schimmel did at Louisville, has risen to the occasion to represent Native youth well.

It is refreshing to see the success of a young American Indian man run up and down the basketball court with great ball handling talent. With two more years left in his outstanding collegiate career, it will be fun for Indian Country to watch his skills mature further on the basketball court.

Off the basketball court, earlier this year Koenig displayed his leadership skills when he expressed his feelings to the national media that the Redsk*n name does not honor his people in any way.

Now as he feels the pain and agony of defeat of the national championship game, he can rest assured he serves as a great inspiration for other Native youth in Indian Country.

Hopefully, the Obama administration will invite him to the first ever White House youth summit slated for this summer.

Congratulations to Bronson Koenig and megwetch (thank you) for providing Indian Country with Native pride!

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