Hero Issued Warrant for Saving Lives at Standing Rock

Brennon Nastacio protected man that pointed a loaded assault rifle at people in Standing Rock, North Dakota. The man, Kyle Thompson, who entered the camp claimed to be a water protector, was actually a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) worker.)

Published December 28, 2016

CANNON BALL, NORTH DAKOTA – After B.J. Nastacio de-escalated a situation with Kyle Thompson pointing a loaded gun at innocent people, he handed him over to the Bureau of Indian Affairs on October 27, 2016, he was thanked by the officers. Then on December 2, 2016, he logged onto Facebook and discovered he is on Morton County’s most wanted list.

“I am being charged with a Class C Felony for Terrorizing Kyle Thompson. I protected him and they (Morton County) are treating me like a criminal. Now I have to pay all sorts of legal fees and I don’t have the funds for that,” Nastacio said.

Kyle Thompson entered the camp and claimed to be a fellow water protector. He was actually a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Worker.

The details of the arrest warrant describe Nastacio allegedly terrorizing Thompson with a knife. There are multiple pictures and videos that show the knife placed on Nastacio’s hip while Thompson points a loaded gun at him and multiple people.

Thompson allegedly went to the camp on DAPL orders. While he was at the camp water protectors saw that he had a weapon in his truck and pursued him.

“I now understand that Thompson was run off the road before me arriving at the scene and he is a DAPL worker. At the time I didn’t know any of those details. I just knew that I wanted to keep everyone safe,” Nastacio said.

Standing Rock has had thousands of people come to the camp to be water protectors. Amongst these people are women, children and elders.

“My son came to camp with me in August. All I could think about was his and everyone at camps safety. That’s why I went towards Kyle when folks called me, even though all I had to defend myself and everyone was a knife,” Nastacio said.

Thompson eventually walked into the water with Nastacio following and talking to him.

“I kept telling Kyle I would make sure nothing happened to him if he gave me his gun. I was trying to protect him and everyone in camp. Right now with all this police violence on the media, I knew that cops could aim to kill. I didn’t want him to get shot. I just wanted him to give up the gun,” Nastacio explained.

Nastacio handed Thompson to the BIA and no one was physically injured. Kyle Thompson was released from custody and still does not face any charges.

The Army Corps recently denied a permit for DAPL to construct on a key section of land, which was a victory for the water protectors. However, many people remain at camp while DAPL workers remain on site. Water protectors that remain at Standing Rock are skeptical because they see DAPL workers remaining and planning on continuing the construction of DAPL.

“I would do it all over again. I protected everyone including Kyle. Now I need people to help me with the fees I have to pay for being a hero,” Nastacio said.

If you would like to help Nastacio, PLEASE sign his petition below (it takes less than a minute) and or donate to his go fund me page:




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