Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Depressed: David Michigan Reveals the Secret

David Michigan

Published January 16, 2018

Keeping fit and leading a balanced and productive life is a commonly studied subject around the world. One of the biggest contributors to this field is David Michigan.

He has Native American origins, from Michigan and has modeled others around the world in maintaining a perfect physique. David Michigan has absolutely unique and fresh ideas of accomplishing this. He is well known for his training on hypnosis and has helped many attain self hypnosis. Michigan’s training are not only on the mind but also physical. He has always stressed on the importance of keeping mentally and physically fit in order to enhance performance in our lives.

Such training as offered by David Michigan is not only meant to help you reach your goals but also achieve more than you could in your conscious mind. While he has continued to lead by example in working his body out, he insists that mental training is equally important. He says that it is important to have both a sharp mind and a healthy body as well in order to go far.  David Michigan has become such an influential figure owing to his ability to help his clients match their physical world with their mental one. This provides them with a perfect connection between their body and mind hence making them highly productive.

Michigan on Getting Motivation When Depressed

Training by David Michigan is summarized in 4 main techniques that he has continued to reinforce in his teachings: relaxation, modeling, visualization and affirmation. He believes that there will not be any limitation to our achievements when everyone masters these techniques. He believes a lot in having good nutrition as it impacts heavily on our behavior, performance, longevity, vitality and mood-spring.

Further, he regards the human mind as a fabulous organ. By way of neuroplasticity defined as the ability of the human brain to easily adapt and reprogram itself based on our experience, we can change our brains physically. David Michigan says that neurons are similar to body muscles since you can train, discipline and shape them through your beliefs and thoughts. This leaves you with a chance to motivate yourself when depressed.

Dealing with Depression

Depression leaves you without any motivation to do anything in life. However, David Michigan states that there is a way to get motivated and get energy during such moments. It all starts with realizing what you want first. Once you have established this, then you can look for ways of how to get it. Just make a decision of what you need with a lot of clarity. Next, think about why it is important to you. The reason should really be a good one. It should be very strong and powerful than what people could think about you or about it.

These are the two actions you need to make to have a motivation that is only meant for you. After knowing what you want and the reason behind it, you are now ready to deal with your depression. This is the secret to having a clear path towards your life goals. Therefore, here is a summary of these two simple steps to motivate you during depressing moment:

  1. Getting motivation by establishing what you really want.  Be absolutely clear on what you need. With a clear vision in place, it will open up your mind to realize what you need to unshackle yourself. List down the top 3 things that you really want at the moment. It will help you a lot to have concrete reasons on paper. With this, you will be able to check regularly just like a point of reference.
  2. Getting motivation by having a really good reason for it. It is important for you to desire what you want strongly. Your reasons to want it should be sufficiently big. As long as you have good reasons, the “how” of doing it won’t be challenging. A strong desire is all that you need to find a solution to your current situation. Don’t bother how this will happen. This should motivate you from the inside. This is will be the starting point of forming habits that will bring a concrete change and leave you motivated.


When you are feeling depressed, David Michigan has a secret for you. Following a long series of both physical and mental training, he has been able to prove that neurons respond to training the same way our body muscles do. Therefore, you can exercise them by establishing what you need in any given situation and by finding strong reasons as to why you want what you want. In here is an explanation of how to get motivated when you feel depressed.

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