First Nations Community to Launch Online Gambling Site in Canada

Published March 9, 2017

Native people and First Nations communities have been able to offer physical gambling for a number of years now. A budding entrepreneur has now decided to set up a new casino site which would allow the community to earn money from online gambling too.

The idea behind the site is to show the values that are important to the community within a realm that would allow them to also profit from such a venture. Gerry Gionet is the man behind the project and he’s hoping to update the way that First Nations people are viewed by the gambling industry as a whole. As a whole, the industry of online gambling is on the rise, so we should be taking advantage of the benefits that it offers.

First Nations people in Canada have traditionally worked in the oil and gas sector, but this has been declining. It is Gionet’s goal to allow them to use new online gambling sites to boost their earning potential. New bingo sites and casino sites could be managed by the community should the first be a success. Both casino and bingo sites are growing strong in other places so this could be the key to a new revenue opportunity.

Gionet is of First Nations heritage himself and recently overhauled his business to benefit his own people more. Unemployment and poor job prospects can affect those of this heritage more than other citizens, so he wants to make a real difference to those that need it. He also wants to be able to educate others, as he is an experienced professional and thinks that more education is needed within the community.

It seems to be a very worthwhile and commendable venture, as it has been created with First Nations people in mind. The idea of bringing in the ethics of the people and the things that they find to be important is equally intriguing as it could make this venture stand out among many others. There is the opportunity to scale it up too, as more sites could come online and provide even more jobs to the community.

It could become a major lifeline for native people but we must be careful not to become too dependent on just a few industries. It is necessary to also become diverse in what First Nations people do, then if one industry starts to decline there are others that can take their place.

Moving forward and modernising industries should be a key process for Native peoples, whether they support gambling or not. Relying on too many older industries has proven disastrous in the past so moving towards more modern industries should be key to future strategies.


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