Family Says RCMP Officer Elbowed 71-year-old Woman in the Face

Family-says-RCMP-officer-elbowed-71-year-old-woman-in-the-faceLoretta Edjericon of Fort Resolution suffered black eye, bruises

FORT RESOLUTION—RCMP in Northwest Territories  are investigating a complaint about a Fort Resolution officer assaulting a community elder.

Margo Edjericon says her 71-year-old mother was injured when two officers pushed their way into her mother’s house at about 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Margo Edjericon says the officers were looking for a young woman. She says she told the two officers that the person they were looking for was in the house but was sleeping and she told them to come back later.

“They pushed their way in,” she said. “One cop . . . pinned me down on the floor with my arms behind my back and had his knee in my back.”

The other officer continued into the house.

“He came in the hallway and my mom was coming from the bedroom, and that other cop elbowed my mom in the face and had her pinned against the wall.”

Margo Edjericon says her mother, Loretta Edjericon — who is also the mother of Fort Resolution chief Louis Balsillie — suffered two black eyes, facial swelling and bruising to her arm. They’re waiting for test results to find out if she also suffered a concussion and broken nose.

“I trusted the cops all my life, till this happened,” said Margo Edjericon.

RCMP spokesperson Const. Elenore Sturko says a senior G Division officer from outside the Fort Resolution detachment is investigating the incident.

“As with any investigation, there’s no specific limit to the time that it can take,” she said. “The important thing is to conduct a thorough investigation.”

Sturko says the officer being investigated is still on active duty in the community.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in West Coast Native News. Used with permission. All rights apply.

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