Endless Travels Have Never Been So Real

Published September 25, 2018

Traveling is the new black today. More and more people become travel bloggers and change their location every day or two. If you are wondering how they manage such an intense traveling schedule while also earning money for all of these travelings, we have an answer. It is most probably that these bloggers own and actively use rewards credit cards and simply turn the accumulated points into free flights and even night stays.

To begin with, if you travel a lot you become a valuable customer to your airlines and therefore deserve more attention and benefits. This idea is realized in the rewarding cards concept. But how to have a perfect credit card history? This, as well as other issues, will be explored in this article in more details.

Travel Credit Cards: All You Have To Know

In order to have a good credit history one shall simply comply with all of the rules and conditions of the credit card usage and pay off one’s debts on time. In case these conditions are not complied with, any card issuer can easily access information as to the client’s credit history and refuse to issue another one for you. Even when we are talking about the reward bank card for travels.

Second basic thing to understand is how card miles operate. The more you spend from your credit card on travels the more bonuses you have. In other words, you may get certain number of miles for each dollar spent which in the course of accumulation may be converted into the flight ticket or night at the hotel. The good thing here is that almost all airlines are eager to participate in this kind of activity together with banks issuing the cards. Main reason for this is the retention of loyal clients.

Thirdly, there are also different ways for the traveling points or miles redemption indicated and described below:

  • built-in loyalty programs: cooperation of brands enables you to redeem the points directly on the airline or hotel website while buying the next ticket or booking a room. This is possible owing to the fact that your account is usually connected to the bank card and thus the platforms of the airlines and hotels card issuer cooperates with.
  • transferring points: this method allows you to transfer points or miles to the loyalty program. In this case, you will not have a 1:1 redemption with 10,000 miles on your bank card resulting, for example, in only 8000 miles. It does, though, offer flexibility in which brand you want to purchase travel from.
  • travel portal: another possible solution is to redeem your points through the travel shopping portal. This can be done by purchasing travel through the site or getting a special discount on your next voyage.

All in all, traveling can even be for free provided that you know all the opportunities of the reward credit cards and use them appropriately!


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