Eagle Nest Chamber of Commerce Gives Longest Walk 5 Crew a Resting Place Fit for Chiefs


Published April 4, 2016

EAGLE NEST, NEW MEXICO – While  Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence, stayed at Steve Blue Horse’s house in Bernalillo the Walkers were visited by race driver Bobby Unser Jr. who reported that he was going to set up a place for them to stay at Eagles Nest, New Mexico.

Eagles Nest is above Taos. 8,300 feet above sea level. Bobby Unser Jr.spoke with Richard Ellis, who is the president of the Eagle Nest Chamber of Commerce, and Ellis talked to the local hotels in the area. Working with: Bert Clemens, Sue Bean, Fox and Donna Guinn, Bruce and Bridgett Manakas, Laguna Vista Lodge, Antlers Crossing Cabin and RV, Golden Eagle Cabins/RV  Native American Jewelry and Crafts and Econo Lodge: Ellis nested all the walkers, runners, Chief Harry Kindness and Dennis Banks in comfortable spacious rooms for the night.

Native News Online spoke with Richard Ellis, who said

“I’m the president Chamber of Commerce here in Eagle Nest, and. I got a phone call  from one of  Longest Walk 5  sponsers, Bobby Unser Jr., and he told us what was going on and how Longest Walk 5 – War on Drugs and Domestic Violence was needing a place to camp for the night. I said well let me get together with the council people. I have been away from the council and only been back here a year and a half so, I still am kind of feeling my way around, but I know the council are  very open, always charitable and always helping people. So I made a few phone calls and. they said, sure we’ll take care of the walkers and runners and Chiefs. I called. Mr Unser back. and he said, ‘Way to go, we appreciate that’. And so we made the arrangements.”

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