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Published July 6, 2016

SANTA FE—The Institute of American Indian Art (IAIA) is one of the few art schools in the United States to offer an Online Certificate in Business and Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a creative process, and an art school is the ideal place to expand the way you think about business — your business — no matter if it is an art-related enterprise or not.

Scholarships are available for qualified business students.

The program is founded on the theory that education about money, business, and entrepreneurship is a personal journey.  IAIA instructors are committed to making the information relevant, satisfying, and exciting for each and every student.

The Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program lays a solid foundation in business skills. The program is designed to meet the needs of small business owners and self-employed individuals.  Courses cover topics such as personal finance, accounting, marketing, small business development, and how to write a business plan.

Students are encouraged to personalize their learning by focusing their coursework on a business of their choice — including the business of making and selling art.

The program is designed for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Here’s what some of our recent graduates had to say:

“The IAIA Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program gave me a strong foundation in understanding how to manage finances, create a business plan, promote my work through social media, and to engage with prospective clients.” 

Terrance A. Clifford (Lakota, Pine Ridge, ’16)

“I know my success is, in part, due to the great mentors I had at IAIA, such as my instructors in the Business Certificate Program and BFA Programs. If not for all the knowledge and skills I gained there, I wouldn’t have had the abilities or confidence to pursue great opportunities like the fellowship I’m currently completing.”

Tamara Colaque (Jemez Pueblo ’15)

IAIA is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

Also available are Online Certificates in Native American Art History and Museum Studies.

To learn more about IAIA’s online programs, click here.

Admission is open now.  Fall Semester classes start August 15, 2016.  Deadline for Applications is August 4, 2016.

For more information on all IAIA classes, please contact the IAIA Office of Admissions and Recruitment by phone at 800.804.6422, or by e-mail at

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