Dennis Banks on Missing Granddaughter: “Feeling Helpless”

Candlelight vigil

Prayer Vigil Held for Dennis Banks’ Granddaughter, Rose Downwind, Who is Still Missing

Published October 29, 2015

BEMIDJI, MINNESOTA — “Here I am, Dennis Banks, who took on the U.S. government, I took helped takeover Wounded Knee, been on Longest Walks across America now feeling helpless. Rose has been on my mind these past few days,” AIM leader Dennis Banks told Native News Online tonight from northern Virginia.

The late Russell Means (l) and Dennis Banks (r) at Wounded Knee in 1973

The late Russell Means (l) and Dennis Banks (r) at Wounded Knee in 1973

Banks was reflecting how difficult his days have been since his granddaughter, Rose Downwind, was officially declared missing on Monday. Rose is daughter to Banks’ daughter, Darla, who flew home from Virginia where she had been traveling with her father. She flew home early to be in Bemidji so she could help with the search for Rose, who is 31-years-old.

“I really cannot do anything. I have been in tears. Something this silent – not knowing what happened to her really makes me feel so helpless,” Banks continued.

He is flying back to Minnesota next week to be near his family.

Prayer Vigil Held

Back in Bemidji, where Rose was last seen last week, several dozen family members and friends of Downwind gathered at Otto Schmunk Park in 100 block of Stoner Avenue on Thursday evening to hold a candlelight prayer vigil in hopes of her return.

Downwind was officially listed as missing on Monday, October 26 by the Bemidji Police Department. Since then the day she went missing was altered by law enforcement because her former boyfriend said he saw her last Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

Rose has five children, who are being cared for by relatives.

Anyone with any information about the whereabouts of Rose Downwind should contact the Bemidji Police Department at 218-333-9111.

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