This Day in History: 140 Years Ago – Battle of Little Big Horn – June 25, 1876



THIS DATE IN HISTORY – Battle of Little Big Horn

HARDIN, MONTANA – On this date in history, June 25, 1876, the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes fought the the 7th U.S. Cavalry in what turned into a two-day battle. Led by Lt. General George Armstrong Custer, the calvary was defeated, which resulted in the death of Custer.

Long remembered as “Custer’s Last Stand,”  American Indians prefer to refer to the incident as the Battle as Little Bigh Horn.

George Armstrong Custer Sitting Bull

George Armstrong Custer                                                                                                      Sitting Bull

To the Lakota, the Battle of Little Bighorn is known as the Battle of the Gresay Grass. The battle began on June 25 and ended the next day. The battle was led by Indian warriors that included Crazy Horse and Chief Gall. The battle is said to have been inspired by Sitting Bull.

The U.S. Calvary lost 268 men in the two-day battle.


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