Davids Campaign Responds to Dishonest Attacks from Kevin Yoder’s Out-of-State llies

Sharice Davids speaking to supporters. Photo by Rhonda LeValdo


Published August 17, 2018

Calls out Yoder for extreme partisan voting record, being in the pocket of special interests

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Sharice David’s campaign released the following statement in response to a dishonest ad Kevin Yoder’s out of state allies launched.

“Kevin Yoder is in the pocket of special interests, so it’s not surprising that an out-of-state super PAC is launching dishonest attacks to keep him in Washington. Kevin Yoder can’t hide from his record of voting with President Trump 92 percent of the time, or taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from insurance companies and voting to raise health care costs on Kansans. The truth is Sharice Davids will work with either party to lower health care costs and protect those with pre-existing conditions while standing up to special interests who stand in her way,” said a spokesperson for the Davids campaign.


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