Coroner’s Office Confirms Body of Native Actress Misty Upham Found

Misty Anne Upham: 1982 - 2014

Misty Anne Upham: 1982 – 2014


Family wants people to know it does not believe the Auburn Police Department did enough to find her.

AUBURN, WASHINGTON—Friends and family of Misty Upham gathered on Thursday night after the county coroner’s office confirmed the body found earlier in the day was that of the 32-year-old actress.

Charlie Upham, father of the actress, was asked to identify his daughter’s body and he did so.

A search party discovered her purse, which contained her California driver license, about 1:00 p.m. – PDT Thursday afternoon within walking distance of the apartment Upham left on the evening of Sunday, October 5, 2014.

The three-person search and rescue party, which included her uncle, Robert Upham, then tied a rope to a tree to climb down a 150-feet ravine and discovered her body near the White River in Auburn, Washington. The two others in the search party were Robert J. Kennedy and Jeff Barehand.

The party then called 911.

The cause and time of her death was not known on Thursday evening, according to family spokesperson, Tracy Rector, of Seattle, Washington.

Upham left her sister’s apartment on her own freewill and vanished into the night. Even though Upham’s family wanted the Auburn Police Department to exert more effort in finding her, the police department did not mount an effort in finding her since she left on her own freewill.

So the family mounted their own search and rescue parties find Upham. By Thursday some two dozen members of the American Indian community, including three tribal council members of the Muckleshoot Tribe, formed small groups to attempt to find her.

 “The family wants people to know it does not believe the Auburn Police Department did enough to find her. They feel the police department failed to respond in a timely manner,” Rector told Native News Online Thursday evening.

Calls to the Auburn Police Department on Thursday were not returned to Native News Online.

Upham was born in Kalispell, Montana, but grew up in Seattle. She has appeared in some dozen films including: “Skins,” “Skinwalkers,” “Frozen” and “August: Osage County.”

In “August: Osage County,” she played the role of Johanna Moneveta, the housekeeper to Meryl Streep’s character.

Upham has a role in the upcoming movie, “Cake” starring Jennifer Antison.

Sadly, the search and rescue effort turned into search and recover along the banks of the White River.


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