Construction on Second Convenient Store Construction Underway

Published November 27, 2017

EAGLE BUTTE, SOUTH DAKOTA — Construction of a second convenience store located in areas of the reservation that is currently without ready access to food and fuel has begun construction in La Plante, South Dakota. This construction began after the first convenience store, located near Takini, South Dakota recently finished construction.

The construction of the store was made possible by grants applied for in 2012 through the Tribal Equitable Compensation Act. Once the store has completed construction the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe is looking forward to the opportunities this would bring to remote communities on the reservation. These stores should provide access to fuel and food while providing jobs.

Often times the tribal members must drive great distances for even the most basic goods and services. These distances put great strain on tribal member’s finances greatly reducing the goods a Tribal member can purchase for their families. Establishing these stores would give options to tribal members and increase their purchasing power.

Chairman Frazier expressed excitement to see another store begin construction, “The construction of the convenience store in La Plante and the completion of the convenience store near Takini show we are serious about bringing goods and services to the communities. We must continue to improve the quality of life and access to medical care, goods and services to everyone on the reservation.”

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe has seen a marked increase of road repair, medical facility and convenience store construction in communities and areas of the reservation that have not seen this kind of activity. The Tribe appreciates the support and patience of the communities as the construction and operation of these facilities become operational.


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