Congress Passes Act That Will Designate Bison as National Mammal


BadlandsBisonPublished May 2, 2016

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Congress has just passed the National Bison Legacy Act, designating buffalo as the national mammal, something the buffalo’s human relatives and the earth herself did long, long ago.

This new official status does not change the mismanagement of wild, migratory buffalo, but it does help awaken the buffalo consciousness, elevating this iconic, keystone and sacred creature in the public eye. Now Yellowstone National Park and the state of Montana will be slaughtering and harassing our official national mammal. In the long run, this symbolic legislation should help, and every wild buffalo advocate everywhere should use it to aid our last wild herds.

BisonThe next step is for the bill to receive final approval in the Senate before going to President Obama to sign the bill into law. Everyone is encouraged to call the White House to ask that President Barack Obama sign the bill, and also use this opportunity to educate him about the plight of the Yellowstone buffalo and ask for his help in protecting this important population.

Phone calls are important because they cannot be ignored, so please call the White House at 202-456-1111.

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