Colorado Pizza Joint’s Thanksgiving Ad Causes Ire of Native Americans

Published November 20, 2018

Pizza owner takes full responsibility

GREELEY, Colo. — Apparently, creative advertising people are still equating Thanksgiving with American Indians. So, when Right Coast pizzeria owner, Justin Vogel, in Greeley, Colorado, a city of 105,500 people, north of Denver, gave permission to BandWagon magazine to create a “Thanksgiving theme” ad, he got back one that has genocidal overtones all over it.

The advertisement, which shows Americans need to get past the Thankgiving Indian, shows a Pilgrim woman kneeling towards an bare-bodied American Indian man, complete with a headdress, with a pizza box saying: “Sorry about all the smallpox. ….. Who wants a slice of pepperoni?”

Vogel told the Denver Post he approved the ad without a really looking at it. The advertisement is in the BandWagon’s printed copies, but the electronic version of the ad has been removed from the magazine’s website.

In the sordid and ugly side of American history, in the attempt to commit genocide, American Indians were intentionally given smallpox-infested blankets as a means to kill them. American Indians lacked immunity to fight off the smallpox disease.

Now, Vogel and BandWagon are facing the ire of outraged American Indians across the country who saw the disgusting advertisement circulating on social media.

“I take full responsibility. … We screwed up. How can we make this right?” Vogel asks.

CORRECTON: An earlier version of this article incorrectly called the pizza establishment, Gold Coast pizzeria; it is the Right Coast pizzeria.



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