Chumash Cultural Exhibit & Nature Trail Debut at Bacara Resort & Spa

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Educational projects honor the past while celebrating today’s Chumash culture

Published August 26, 2015

SANTA BARBARA – Thousands of years before Bacara Resort & Spa was built, countless generations of Chumash people called the Gaviota Coast their home. Today, the Chumash people living along the Santa Barbara Channel continue to practice their rich maritime culture and celebrate their ties to the land and their ancestors.

To help honor this history, Bacara is pleased to announce the debut of a Chumash Cultural Exhibit & Nature Trail on property. The complimentary, permanent lobby exhibit and nearby trail are the only local Chumash cultural exhibits of their kind – entirely developed, designed and curated by Chumash academics, artists and culture bearers.

Dancer at exhibit opening

Dancer at exhibit opening

“Today’s travelers seek an enriching experience,” said Kathleen Cochran, managing director of Bacara Resort & Spa. “We are thrilled these projects will allow hotel guests and local residents to learn more about the culture of Chumash people–past and present.”

Chumash Cultural Exhibit Overview

Located in Bacara’s lobby, this 390-square-foot project is a living cultural exhibit. It is comprised of two main sections: the past and history, and the present and living. The museum-quality exhibit features colorful photographs, exquisite jewelry, a 10-foot canoe paddle hand-carved from redwood and inlayed with abalone detail, and traditional women’s dance regalia.

Chumash Nature Trail Overview

Spread along the grounds of Bacara, this quarter-mile trail includes 19 informative signs that demonstrate how native plants grown at Bacara were (and still are) used in Chumash culture. For example, qwe’ berries are used to make traditional Chumash big-game arrows, while the powdered petals of waštiq’oliq’ol can be used as a soothing baby powder.

Visit the exhibition and nature trial at the Bacara Resort & Spa, located at 8301 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, California 93117.


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