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LONDON —Ancient History Encyclopedia, a nonprofit, digital humanities website focused on ancient history, Monday announced that they have begun a strategic content sharing agreement with the Chickasaw Nation Video Network. The collaborative agreement will make digital content on, the official video network of the Chickasaw Nation, available to Ancient History Encyclopedia readers. is the first video network to provide Ancient History Encyclopedia with educational multimedia content about the ancient Native American civilizations of North America and the history of the Chickasaw people. This collaboration coincides with the recent addition of videos to the Ancient History Encyclopedia website, and’s contribution has played a significant role in unveiling this new feature.

ahe_logo_headerSince launching in 2009, over 7 million people have visited the Ancient History Encyclopedia website. The content on Ancient History Encyclopedia has made it a trusted research and homework tool for students worldwide and is progressively being integrated into educator lesson plans. According to the latest data, teachers and students are increasingly relying on video content to demonstrate relationships between historical events. In 2013, the nation’s leading education nonprofit organization, Project Tomorrow, conducted a survey of over 400,000 students, teachers and librarians, parents, district administrators and community members from over 9,000 schools and 2,700 districts across the United States. According to the recently released survey, 46 percent of teachers use videos in the classroom, over one-third of students access online videos to assist with their homework, and 23 percent of students are accessing videos created by their teachers.

“Adding video to Ancient History Encyclopedia was the next logical step for us,” said Jan van der Crabben, CEO & founder of Ancient History Encyclopedia. “Over a third of our website visitors are students, and by adding video we can reach and educate more students. We want to provide free, helpful content for all learning styles, and video is becoming more and more important for the internet generation.”

Ancient History Encyclopedia is committed to combining different media, subjects of study and historical periods. The site’s forward-thinking approach to education exists as a reference to ancient history educators, students and enthusiasts who are seeking both specific ancient history details and “big picture” analyses. As two organizations dedicated to providing quality digital content to educate the public, the Chickasaw Nation Video Network and Ancient History Encyclopedia recognized their like-minded missions to highlight the interconnectedness of a shared world history. With the support of the Chickasaw Nation Video Network, Ancient History Encyclopedia readers can now learn about the ancient civilizations of North America, a subject previously unavailable.

“Pre-Colombian history is too often brushed over in history class, possibly because teachers don’t have enough material to work with,” explained van der Crabben. “We are so happy that the Chickasaw Nation Video Network can provide us with material directly from the people whose ancestors built amazing civilizations in the heart of North America. Also, in Europe these civilizations are not very well known, and we hope to do our part to raise awareness of this exciting period in ancient history.” was created to increase awareness of the history and culture of the Chickasaw people. The interactive, high-quality content is available on all devices and is the first of its kind by a Native American tribe. The online video network features an engaging and informational History & Culture channel. This educational resource brings to life the ancestors and historical events that shaped the past of the Chickasaw people, as well the many other Native American tribes of the southeastern and central United States.  High-definition videos and aerial footage highlight the most significant areas and ancestral landmarks in Chickasaw history, such as MoundvilleCahokia and the original Chickasaw settlement in Mississippi. The journey into the Chickasaw Nation’s past also includes stories about how Chickasaw ancestors migrated to their homelands and information about the evolution of mound building and their clan societies—all of which can be found on the Chickasaw history timeline.’s library of over 1,500 videos continues to grow across the network’s six channels. Likewise, Ancient History Encyclopedia is constantly expanding—and as new material is added, old material is revised, allowing for the prospect of new and previously unseen historical connections. Their readers benefit from the online encyclopedia’s interlinked articles, images, and timeline events. Information is shared across different but relevant subjects from a vast database of historical data.  The map of the ancient world and the searchable, interconnected timeline of ancient history illustrate historical events, connections and developments in an interactive and accessible way.

The ancient sites, stories and traditions that define the Chickasaw Nation and characterize the cultural landscape of the Chickasaw people are now available to explore on Ancient History Encyclopedia’s website at


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