Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press Release Three New Books

toliPublished October 3, 2016

ADA, OKLAHOMA – Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press introduced three new books, a language workbook and a smartphone app to the public Thursday, Sept. 29, during the Chickasaw Cultural Evening at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Chickasaw Press unveiled two new titles, including “Toli: Chickasaw Stickball Then and Now,” by Stanley Nelson and “Chickasaw Women Artisans,” by Alison Fields.

“Toli: Chickasaw Stickball Then and Now,” explores the game of to’li’ through the eyes of the Chickasaw people.

“Chickasaw Women Artisans,” delves into the artistry, inspiration and journeys of 20 Chickasaw artists.

chickasaw-women-artisans“Chickasaw Basic Language Workbook I,” was also introduced. Authored by Michelle Cooke and the Chickasaw Language Committee, the workbook includes five chapters complete with vocabulary, practice exercises and tests.

White Dog Press, a secondary imprint of Chickasaw Press, released the children’s book “Mission to Space,” by Chickasaw astronaut John Herrington. In the book, Herrington shares his passion for space travel and provides a glimpse into his astronaut training and his mission to the International Space Station. The book includes an English to Chickasaw vocabulary list with space-related terms.

The app “Chikasha Stories, Volume One: Shared Spirit” was also introduced. This app features five traditional Chickasaw stories and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

mission-to-spaceAll three books, along with other Chickasaw Press publications, are available for purchase at

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