Chickasaw Outpost Brings Collection of Native American Gifts, Souvenirs & Media Online

With a brick-and-mortar store in downtown Ada — and now through an online storefront — the Chickasaw Outpost offers gifts and souvenirs including jewelry, clothing, books and films on the corner of Main and Townsend, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Published September 16, 2018

ADA, Okla. — The Chickasaw Outpost recently went live with its new online storefront, offering a unique collection of Native American merchandise to a global market.

Since 2003, the Chickasaw Outpost has maintained a Main Street storefront in downtown Ada as a neighbor to the historic McSwain Theatre. Shopkeepers strive to keep an inventory which represents many Native nations.

That variety is apparent in the types of items available as well as the designs used. Popular adornments such as bolo ties, belt buckles, necklaces and earrings fill store displays. Pendleton blankets and mugs are stocked and available.

Southeastern, Southwestern and Plains Indian patterns and symbols cover the merchandise. Shoppers can expect traditional aesthetics such as the medicine wheel, diamonds, buffalo, horses, feathers and the warrior, among others.

young shoppers peruse a collection of “Chickasaw Adventure” comic books at the Chickasaw Outpost in downtown Ada.

One of the more prevalent symbols at the Outpost is the Great Seal of the Chickasaw Nation. Depicted on the seal is one of the Chickasaw Nation’s great leaders, Tishomingo.

The colors of the seal represent purity (gold), honor and pride (purple). The warrior leader is depicted wearing feathers representing the four directions. A deerskin shield represents guardianship, a hickory bow represents hunting prowess. The river and landscape in the background depict the Mississippi river and the Chickasaw Homeland.

Anyone interested in digging deeper into Chickasaw history and stories will find the Chickasaw Outpost to be a useful resource. A large collection of media — movies, books, comics and audio discs — cover Chickasaw-centric topics.

The Chickasaw Nation produces documentaries and feature films in order to tell their own stories, share their history, culture and traditions. With DVDs and Blu-ray discs, audiences can relive moments in time that are of great significance to the Chickasaw Nation and its people. Titles available at the Chickasaw Outpost include “Bearer of the Morning: The Life of Te Ata Thompson Fisher,” “Te Ata,” “First Encounter” and “Pearl the Movie.”

Chickasaw Press and White Dog Press print books such as “Dynamic Chickasaw Women,” “Piominko – Chickasaw Leader,” “Te Ata – Chickasaw Storyteller (American Treasure Collector’s Edition)” and “Never Give Up: The Life of Pearl Carter Scott,” are among the offerings at the Outpost.

The comic book series “Chickasaw Adventures” follows a young Chickasaw boy named Johnny as he discovers his heritage by traveling back in time to important historical moments and places.

Anyone can find gifts and resources anytime online at For patrons who wish to browse in person or chat with friendly faces, the Outpost location is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays) at 132 W. Main in Ada.

For more information, call 580-332-1458.

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