Cheyenne River Sioux Chairman Condemns South Dakota Supreme Court for Dismissing Tribe’s Case Against PUC Decision

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier in Washington. News Online photo by Levi Rickert

Published June 19, 2018

EAGLE BUTTE, S.D. – Last week the South Dakota Supreme Court decided to take the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe’s arguments about the questionable decision by South Dakota’s Public Utility Commission to award a permit to TransCanada to construct the Keystone XL pipeline, combine them with them with other governments and associations, and then promptly dismissed them.

The Tribe has opposed the Keystone XL pipeline since its earliest planning stages.

With the dismissal, the Tribe contends the South Dakota Supreme Court refused to hear what their side of the story in favor of big oil.

“The court decided to dismiss the case out of convenience to the State of South Dakota and their bottom line. I’m not surprised that the State institution would choose the dollar bill over listening to the concerns of their citizens and tribal governments,” says Harold Fraizer, tribal chairman of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

“I condemn the Supreme Court of South Dakota for not listening to the arguments by other governments. The Supreme Court of South Dakota will cover its ears and eyes but not its mouth and blame a lack of legislative direction on its lack of moral direction. So once again, a way has been justified to keep us from voicing our concern in this State,” continued Chairman Frazier.

“The State of South Dakota is taking a stance of being right because they will not listen to those who try to tell them when they are wrong. Just because you have made something legal does not make it right. I am constantly amazed about the ability of the powers that be to keep doing what is morally wrong while justifying it as legally right.”

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