Cherokee Nation donates $160,000, two vehicles to Adair County organizations

Cherokee Nation Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden, Adair County Rural Water District 2 board member Curtis Auffet, Cherokee Nation Special Projects Officer Canaan Duncan, Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr., Principal Chief Bill John Baker and Tribal Council Secretary Frankie Hargis, Adair County Rural Water District 2 board member Mike Doublehead, employee Shawn Peck and board member David Cain.

Published September 8, 2018

STILWELL, Okla. — Cherokee Nation leaders presented a total of $160,848 in donations Thursday to 18 Adair County organizations.

The tribe also gave Adair County Rural Water District 2 the keys to a Ford F150 and the Westville Police Department the keys to a Ford Taurus. The vehicles were donated to the organizations from Cherokee Nation Businesses surplus fleet.

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker was joined by Deputy Chief S. Joe Crittenden, Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Tribal Council Secretary Frankie Hargis, as the leaders presented the checks and vehicles to representatives of the Adair County organizations.

“The Cherokee Nation understands that local, active community organizations keep our Cherokee communities strong. Therefore, it is always a blessing when the Cherokee Nation can support the organizations with extra funding to help grow their positive impact in their respective areas,” Crittenden said.

Of the $160,848 in donations, $8,158 was made from Councilor Hargis’ community assistance funds. Of the remaining $152,690, $30,000 was made from Chief Baker’s charitable contributions budget and $122,690 from Cherokee Nation Community and Cultural Outreach community work grant program.

“Community organizations like the ones in Adair County are so important to our communities. They provide essential programs that not only benefit Cherokees and non-Cherokees alike,” Hargis said. “I want to thank Chief Baker, Deputy Chief Crittenden and Secretary Hoskin for seeing the value of local community organizations and supporting their work.”

Orchard Road Community Outreach received an $118,800 donation Thursday, $2,000 from charitable contributions and $116,800 from CCO community work grant program. The nonprofit’s programs include a transitional housing shelter, a prescription drug and alcohol abuse prevention program and a future shelter for victims of domestic violence.

“Orchard Road Community Outreach is very appreciative of the tribe’s support for not only our organization, but all organizations working to make a positive impact in our county,” said Max Ford, Orchard Road Community Outreach board member. “The community work grant will allow our organization to complete the construction of our future shelter for victims of domestic violence, and the $2,000 donation will help support our current programs.”

In fiscal year 2017, the tribe donated $735,000 to nonprofit organizations providing important services to communities.

“The tribe prides itself on being a good community partner and recognizes the importance of these community organizations and their role in the communities which they serve,” Hoskin said. “We know that when we give to our Cherokee community organizations, like these in Adair County, that our Cherokee Nation dollars will positively impact the lives of our citizens and our communities.”

Organization receiving donations:


  • Cherokee Children’s Mission – $1,158
  • Greasy Community Fellowship Organization – $11,890
  • Dahlonegah Public School – $1,000
  • C.C. Camp Community Organization – $2,000
  • Star of Bethlehem Community Organization – $2,000
  • Adair County Resource Center – $5,000
  • Orchard Road Community Outreach – $118,800
  • Lyons Community Organization – $2,000
  • Rocky Mountain Community Organization – $2,000
  • Adair County Fair Board – $3,000
  • Adair County 4H & FFA Booster Club – $1,000
  • Ozark Junior Rodeo – $1,000
  • Stilwell Athletic Booster Club – $1,000
  • Fairfield Community Organization – $2,000
  • Christie Community Organization – $2,000
  • Neighborhood Association of Chewey – $2,000
  • Proctor Community Organization – $2,000
  • Watts Community Organization – $2,000

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