Celebrating Spring Like a Butterfly Emerging from Its Cocoon


Cocoon butterfly

Lakota Holder Fancy Shawl Dancer

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – Peoples Park is a park that is east of the University of California, Berkeley campus, it had it’s 49th anniversary yesterday (Sunday, April 26). Opening the celebration was Lakota Holder, her lineage is of the Lakota, Tlingit, and Navajo nations. Lakota Holder is a Fancy Shawl Dancer. The women’s fancy shawl dance embodies the spring season with the opening of a cocoon letting the butterfly emerge and flutter away.


emerging from the cocoon



almost free




spreading wings



flying free




















The All Nations Singers  drummed a beat for everyone to feel, and this feeling helped them get up and move. Both the All Nations Singers and Lakota Holder will be at the Berkeley PowWow next weekend so come on over and have a great time.

AllNations Singers

All Nations Singers

Round Dance

Round Dance


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