So-called Retired Chief Illniwek Makes Appearance in University of Illinois Homecoming Parade; Met by Protest

A student portraying the retired Chief Illiniwek.

Published October 29, 2017

URBANA, ILLINOIS – Seemingly as Jason kept “coming back” in the “Friday the 13th” horror film series, Chief Illiniwek keeps coming back to the University of Illinois campus. On Friday night, Chief Illinwek made an appearance at the university’s  homecoming parade.

The someone-playing-Indian was met by protesters were held signs opposing the mascot. After several years of protests by American Indians, the university officially stopped using Chief Illiniwek as the school’s mascot in February 2007. Since then a group called Honor the Chief Society keeps efforts alive to bring back Chief Illinwek back.

American Indians and their allies are adamant that the Chief Illinwek should be retired forever.

In a statement, university spokesperson Robin Kaler said, “Parade participation is open to entries from the entire community, we cannot restrict participation based on the content or message of the entries without violating the rights of free speech.”



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