BIA Superintendent of Crow Creek Agency Released from Hospital One Week after Being Stabbed

WASHINGTON – Patrick F. Duffy, superintendent of the Crow Creek Agency, who was stabbed last week was released from the hospital on Wednesday, one week after being stabbed in his office at the Bureau of

Patrick F. Duffy

Patrick F. Duffy

Indian Affairs (BIA) Crow Creek Agency in Fort Thompson, South Dakota. The news of his release came from the U.S. Department of the Interior – Indian Affairs in Washington.

The announcement of his release came from Nedra Darling, the spokeswoman for Office of the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs.

Duffy is expectd to make a full recovery, according to Darling.

“Upon his release, Mr. Duffy expressed his gratitude for all of the support provided by friends, family, emergency care providers, nurses, and doctors. Mr. Duffy also requests that everyone respect his need for privacy during his recovery period,” reads a portion of the statement issued by Darling.

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