Are You a Fan of Space Invaders? If so, You’re going to love INVADERS!

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Published October 31, 2015

Remember the classic 8-bit game Space Invaders?

If you’re too young to remember, Space Invaders is a video game that became an instant hit after it’s release in 1978. It is considered to be one of the most addicting games ever made. And for us older geeks, Space Invaders holds the distinction of being one of the first video games that we ever played on a home video game console.

This is why the game Invaders is so exciting, especially if you happen to be an indigenous gamer.

Invaders is a mobile app game that was inspired by artwork featured on a line of T-shirts created by Steven Paul Judd, an award winning Kiowa/Choctaw filmmaker and artist. The design and programming of the game was done by Dr. Elizabeth LaPensée (Anishinaabe/Métis), who is known for the work she does creating and supporting cultural based gaming. The music for Invaders was composed by Trevino Brings Plenty, a Lakota poet and musician. He posted a tutorial to show how the music for Invaders was created and you can check that out here.

Just like Space Invaders, the goal is to destroy the invading enemy. The difference being that instead of a spaceship, you are a Native Warrior; instead of gun, you use a bow and arrow to take out your enemy. As if taking out a spaceship with a bow and arrow wasn’t challenging enough, the enemy fires back and with each level their attacks grow faster and faster.

It is every bit as addicting as the 8-bit wonder known as Space Invaders!

To celebrate our love of INVADERS, we are having a giveaway contest. To enter, just download and play INVADERS and send a screenshot of your highest score to The 2 highest scores will receive a free tee from A Tribe Called Geek and a $10 dollar I-TUNES or Starbucks gift card.

Here is where you can get your hands on INVADERS..

Web Player
Android Phone
iPhone and iPad


Editor’s Note: This article was published in A Tribe Called Geek. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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