Arctic Air to Keep it Extremely Cold at #NODAPL Camps This Week


Published December 11, 2016

CANNON BALL,  NORTH DAKOTA – It will be cold this week as high pressure moves in from Canada, bringing with it Arctic air.  There is also a probability of another storm affecting the plains next Sunday- Monday, but it is so far out I will give it as a 30% possibility to affect the Great Plains. There is a good chance of more Arctic air coming in next weekend and dropping temps as low as -30’sF with windchills dangerously in the -40’sF  especially out in the open areas across the Dakotas and Minnesota.


12 Mon, Mostly Cloudy becoming partly cloudy, Temp 08F/ -07F,  Wind NW 12-18 Gusting to23 mph  Lowest windchill -25F

13 Tues, Mostly Sunny, Temp 05F / -08F, Wind NW 10-15G18 mph,  Lowest Windchill -15F

14 Wed, Mostly Sunny, Temp 01F/ -09F, Wind NW 8-12 mph, Lowest Windchill, -25F

15 Thu, Partly Cloudy, Temp 03F/ -10F, Wind NW 8-12G18 mph, Lowest Windchill, -25F

16 Fri, Cloudy, Snow, Temp 07F/ -12F,  Wind NW 8-12G18 mph, Lowest Windchill -30F

17 Sat, Partly Cloudy, Temp -12F/-28F, Wind NW 15-18 mph, Lowest Windchill -40’sF

Retired USAF TSgt. Ken Siyaka, a former United States Air Force weather forecaster, compiled this weather report.

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